Multitech Electric, Inc.


Full Service Electrical Contractors


Multitech Electric, Inc. services commercial accounts, performing preventive maintenance, including periodic inspection of equipment and facilities to locate and correct problems before a breakdown or injury occurs. Having a contracted electrician can safeguard your company's productivity, reputation and safety record. In the event that a breakdown does occur, we are on call to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible in order to minimize any inconvenience.

Lighting Systems

Multitech Electric works closely with the utility companies to offer Commercial lighting systems and retrofits to our customers that not only give you more light output but also considerably reduce your energy bill. For more information contact....

Here are some samples of projects we have completed:



Our typical residential jobs include everything from trouble-shooting service calls and replacing a fuse box to accommodate new kitchen appliances, to remodeling projects that require electrical upgrades such as new interior lighting or installing control systems for a pool and spa.

We also do pre-wiring for new home construction and have expertise with low voltage systems involving voice, data, and video wiring systems, such as those for telephones, computers, as well as fire alarm and security systems.

Our electricians are experienced with coaxial, or fiber optic, cable for home and office needs.

Multitech Electric MN Contractor License #CA04211